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  Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 10, 2016 7:54pm-7:59pm EDT

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lou: there is donald trump on the stage holding a rally in the battle ground state of pennsylvania. real clear poll is shows hillary clinton with a 9-point lead there now. he's in wilkes-barre township. >> universal healthcare coverage, single payer system. she wants it to be like canada. but the people in canada with money, when they have an operation they come down to this country because they have a lot of problems in canada. forget i sidney blumenthal, you remember what ambassador stevens in benghazi was calling and writing and they were desperate for help. they say like 600 times.
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the only one she was speaking to was sidney blumenthal who is a sleaze. obama wanted her restricted so they couldn't speak. that's probably one of the reasons she wanted her private server. she promised obama she wouldn't be talking to sleazy sydney. blumenthal writes a quote. one important point has been universally across knowledged about the nine previous reports of benghazi. this is sidney blumenthal. she wasn't talking to ambassador stevens. even 600 calls. the attack was certainly preventible. clinton was in charge of the state department and failed to protect the united states personnel and american could that in libya, he meant benghazi. if the gop wants to raise that as a talking point against her,
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it's legitimate. he's admitting they could have done something about benghazi. this just came out a little while ago. lou: donald trump going after hillary clinton with some of the material from the latest wikileaks document dump. i'm sitting here with my radio show host mike gallagher. and tammy bruce. i'm excited because i'm watching donald trump with notes. you don't see him do that. last night in the debate, nets was writing things down. somehow it gave him an even stronger presence to be doing that. do you disagree? >> i a of people were worried
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using notes or a teleprompter would ruin him. his nature is overcoming all of this. what i love about what we just saw is he's sticking with the issues. this will be key for the 29 days. i don't know what's going to happen. he saved himself last night, showing a remarkable level of leadership. lou: how far do you think he beat her by? >> it wasn't univision's numbers. they say she won 92-8. as a private citizen all of his life he has never run for dog catcher. so what he did this year for history will be one of the most remarkable stories of one american citizen in the history our country. >> she gave it to him.
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without that attack for 48 hours, he never would have been able to show how he moved through it and not just survived, but prevailed. this is the on the way could it have been done through extraordinary pressure. it's the law of unintended consequences and he delivered. lou: who would they want in the white house, what they have seen of donald trump the last 48 hours or hillary clinton the last 48 hours, or paul ryan folding up like a cheap lawn chair and taking his marbles. >> what a leader. do what works for you in your own district. lou: that will go up there with churchill's words. donald trump is energized. despite being up very late last night, working hard to get done what he needed to. >> success is the best re vehicle. he sees what works.
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he sees it in the numbers. he knows he's back, and he knows what he needs to do. this is what we need, for him to win this battle so we can win the rest of the war. lou: the establishment has to be overturned. we have to see this for the benefit of the men and women working every day to raise their families. thank you both, mike gallagher. we appreciate. tammy bruce, thank you so much. we take time to give you one comment on last night's presidential debate. donald won the debate, he was